Get counseling support throughout your abortion

Stigma and misinformation surrounding abortion care can pose challenges in accessing the necessary information.

The medically-trained counseling team at Safe4Women remains accessible to you from Monday to Friday. We operate on an international platform, with counselors located in various time zones. As a result, response times may vary, but rest assured, we will address every inquiry.

Contact us at +639054021213 for abortion concerns (we provide abortion pills)

What support is provided by Safe4Women abortion counselors?

Discussing the details of abortion is often uncommon among women due to the prevailing stigma, despite the fact that a significant global percentage of pregnancies are terminated (25%).

Navigating a safe abortion process can be challenging. Abortion counseling aims to help you explore the various safe abortion options available. Our counseling team is dedicated to listening to your unique story and providing information tailored to your situation, empowering you to make the best decision for yourself.

Trained abortion counselors are equipped to address common questions, validate emotional experiences, ensure safety, and serve as a supportive presence throughout the abortion process.

In certain situations, women may choose self-managed abortion at home with minimal difficulty. Alternatively, they might require assistance in locating where abortion pills are available or seeking support from a nearby clinical provider.

For such cases, our partnerships team diligently collaborates to enlist trusted and trained providers worldwide into our secure database. We uphold rigorous standards when accepting new providers into our program to ensure that women referred to them will receive care from professionals who share our values of respect, empathy, and the quality care every woman deserves.

The team at Safe4Women, comprising medically-trained female counselors, is dedicated to assisting you throughout your abortion process. Collaborating with local abortion counselors worldwide, Safe4Women ensures that counseling is culturally relevant and tailored to your specific situation. Careful measures have been taken to ensure that sessions can be conducted.

Utilizing the latest peer-reviewed evidence on abortion care, our team guides you through the process. Regular training sessions are conducted to enhance skills, stay abreast of global safe abortion practices and research, and manage complex cases effectively.

Our counseling approach is rooted in empathy and devoid of judgment. All information shared with us remains confidential, and conversations are deleted once our support is no longer needed.


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